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The unique sonic texture of Lazarazu was created in 2002, in Vancouver, by producer/programmer Tom Ferris (Moev, Econoline Crush) and vocalist Julie Ferris. The addition of Grapes of Wrath guitarist/vocalist Kevin Kane polished their sound with layered guitar tracks soaked in atmosphere.

Armed with a compelling combination of loops and beats, and lush melodies, Lazarazu bring a similar visual presence to accompany the audio assault of their live show. Their music brings to mind the raw edge of PJ Harvey, with the pop sensibility of The Cardigans. It is electronic pop-rock on a bewitching new level.

Tom and Julie Ferris team up with Kevin Kane in a band that has only traces of their collective background. Tom was a founder of Moev (Lazarazu is more elastic than Moev's brittle pop) and Econoline Crush (Lazarazu isn't as heavy as EC started out to be) while Kane was a major figure in Grapes of Wrath (Lazarazu isn't as shiny or harmonious as Grapes) but with Julie there is a harkening to '80's style. On its first CD, the trio invokes Goth-rock, but before anyone reaches for the black eyeliner, it sounds brighter and less world weary, like a revitalized Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Tom Harrison,The Vancouver Province, Ultrasound-November 25, 2003

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